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What Customers are Saying About the Academy of Scuba

95% of Students where Expectations were "Exceeded".
5% of Students where Expectations were "Met".
0% of Students where Expectations were "Not Met".

100% of Students would refer their friends and family to the Academy of Scuba.

Customer Comments:

Quote: I did the experience SCUBA with my son with the full expectation that we'd do it, and he'd move on with the experience. Much to my delight, we both had so much fun that we decided to get certified. I can attribute much of that to the quality experience we had with the Academy of Scuba, but even more so to the experience we had with Mark Moran. In a word, he was outstanding in his ability to teach, communicate and create a passion for diving. - MITCHELL from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Absolutely fantastic class. Both pool and open water instructors were knowledgeable, informative, and invested in our success, both in the course and as divers. - LAURANCE from GLENDALE, AZ

To say that we highly recommend Academy of Scuba to other novices like ourselves (or to those seeking advanced skills) is an understatement. Everything about the course, from the online instruction to the confined and open water dives, surpassed our expectations. We LOVED our instructors (Lee B. and Brian) for their extreme patience and great skills in teaching scuba to newbies like us, but also loved their great sense of humor that just made the whole experience tons of fun. - MEGAN from PHOENIX, AZ

Getting certified to scuba dive was not as hard as I was expecting. My instructor was very knowledgable and made sure his students could perform the necessary skills. - RYAN from MESA, AZ

Marsha was the best. She made the whole experience fun and totally worth the time, money and effort. I would recommend her, and your school, to anyone. - LOUIS from MESA, AZ

Awesome experience, so helpful and informative! - BRITTANY from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

This experience was what I feel to be a once in a lifetime. I wouldn't change it for anything. It was two weekends of FUN and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has an urge for adventure. The instructors are wonderful and make the experience memorable and thrilling. - DEVIN (D.J.) from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

We loved our experience with the Academy of Scuba. I took the classes with my 12 year old daughter. I was apprehensive for myself but really concerned for her. Our instructor Jack was wonderful! He made us so comfortable and confident that I could concentrate on my own skills and know that my daughter was in good hands (and instructed so well tht she outshined me). Thank you! - RHONDA from PHOENIX, AZ

Jack did a fantastic job. Very patient and supportive. - BILL from BISMARK, ND

I truly enjoy each and every contact I have with the TEAM (emphasis on team as they all work together) at Academy of Scuba. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. My diving experience has been stellar so far. I am greatly looking forward to my continued learning and advancement through working with the TEAM at Academy of Scuba and participating in the upcoming trips they offer. - LISA from PHOENIX, AZ

It was sooooo awesome! My teacher was a great instructor and it was very comfortable to learn this new skill. - ANGI from LANCASTER, CA

I've already recommended you to several people. I truly valued the personal attention and training. Our instructors were patient and encouraging but at the same time demanding that we master the skills necessary to be qualified divers. Any anxiety that I had going in have been converted to being eager for diving during my upcoming vacation! - JOSEPH from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

This was an amazing experience. I will be diving for years to come. Thank you all! - CHRISTOPHER from ANTHEM, AZ

all the people at AOS want you to be a great diver. - THOM from CAVE CREEK, AZ

everyone is very nice and knowledgeable and always ready to help. - THOM from CAVE CREEK, AZ

These is a great course!,is all about safety, our safety; with great instructors and friends, Several drills allow the concepts to sink in. I have enjoyed it very much, have already recommended it to my friends and look forward to more advance training and many new adventures. Thank you team! - JAIME from PHOENIX, AZ

I am especially impressed with not only the proficiency of the staff, both in and out of water, but the friendliness and availability to want to make diving the best experience it can be... - RICHARD from PHOENIX, AZ

All instructors were very patient and passionate about Scuba - ROBERT from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Any time I had a question about anything I could get it answered safety means everything and I felt safe through the whole experience - MATT from PEORIA, AZ

Really enjoyed the course, and really enjoyed my instructor Evan Coppola, very knowledgeable and experienced. I had a blast! - RICK from PHOENIX, AZ

I have trained now under five differant instructors over the years and George and CG were the best I have dove with. Between the two of them, they very professionally and effeciently handleled all of the situations, issues and concerns that the differant students in our class presented them. I felt great confidence in their personal levels of experience, knowledge and their methods of instruction. Thanks for a great session- Guys!!!! - STEVEN from PHOENIX, AZ

Thank you so much for all of your help, I really had a wonderful experience :) - BETH from PHOENIX, AZ

I always wanted to scuba and this class has allowed me start something that I see as a life long hobby. - PAUL from PHOENIX, AZ

It is always a pleasure to enter Academy of Scuba's front door, whether you are looking to certify, travel, shop, or just chat with educated divers there is someone available to exceed your expectations. - DANIEL from PHOENIX, AZ

Lee was an exceptional instructor. Knowledgeable, comedic but serious. Great comfort person. - FRED from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Academy of Scuba has an excellent program for open water certification. The staff, trainers, and training facility were awesome! The diving history & skill of the instructors immediately put me at ease as I put my life & future enjoyment of my new hobby & sport in their hands. Thank you for a fantastic diving experience, and I look forward to many more! - KIMBER from PHOENIX, AZ

The program was great. The trainers were excellent and helped me get all the skills down. - SYDNEY from PHOENIX, AZ

Great staff. great selection of gear. Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly. Went above and beyond all expectations to provide a fantastic learning experience for the students. - MARK from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Having a slight fear of water, my instructor, Jim White was very patient and gave me the confidence to complete my training. - JAMIE from PEORIA, AZ

I researched several dive shops in Phoenix, hoping to find one that could help me get certified in a hurry for an upcoming trip. Not only did AOS go out of their way to accommodate my schedule, their entire staff was friendly, professional, and made sure my experience was top-notch in every sense. I can say that the training approach & agility of the staff made my dive trip so much better. I would 100% recommend AOS and their staff. Thanks again!! - TRACY from PHOENIX, AZ

I love everyone that I encountered at the shop. it's clear that everyone is there b/c they love to dive and want to grow the community of divers. Jim & Jeff were my class instructors, and I always felt implicitly safe with them. Same with evan on my O/W dives. Also, Mark, Jack and Heather as well as the woman who helped me pick out my pers. dive equip were are super-personable and helpful and just downright terrific. the people at AOS are the reason i would encourage everyone to go there - KIM from PHOENIX, AZ

One of the great experiences in my life, thanks to top notch instruction and supportive enthusiastic staff. In addition to learning a new and exciting skill, I've met a lot of new friends. - TOM from PHOENIX, AZ

You made one of my "bucket list" adventures come true - CHRISTINE from PHOENIX, AZ

The one thing that truly stands out and makes Academy of Scuba exceptional is the personal attention to work with you until you are comfortable and competent with your diving skills. - BARON from PEORIA, AZ

Everyone at Academy of Scuba was friendly, knowledgable and I would like to emphasize excellent instruction. I would and will reccomend AOF. I feel very comfortable that my family is properly trained to safely enjoy this sport. Scott Young - SCOTT from GLENDALE, AZ

Change nothing. The course and the staff were great. Already have two referals set up. - TOM from PHOENIX, AZ

The fact that the instructors are so dedicated to the sport shines throug in everything they do. The one to one student to instructor was amazing. - JANUS from PHOENIX, AZ

You provided excellent teaching from very capable divers. I dove in Hawaii for my first real dive and felt very comfortable with my abilities, no stress whatsoever! - JOHN from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

I did it for a friend for something to do on some trips we are planning, but turns out I actually really enjoyed it. I'm glad I did it. - ROARK from PHOENIX, AZ

Great group of people to learn from and dive with. - ANDREW from PHOENIX, AZ

My instructor Jeff Smith did an OUTSTANDING job training me and preparing me with the essential skills needed to safely scuba dive. He over exceeded my expectations and made the course a fun, relaxed course. - JACE from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Easy, quick, and thorough. After completing the course, I feel safe taking my learned skills into the wild. - BRADLEY from PHOENIX, AZ

Tiffany did a GREAT job teaching the refresher class - I will enjoy my upcoming Dive Trip way more having taken this class - MITCHELL from CAVE CREEK, AZ

I had a great experience with the classes and staff at Academy of Scuba. I want to note that Tiffany and Tim were great instructors. Everyone was friendly and great about sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for diving. I already signed up for advanced training. I am hooked on scuba diving! - BRIAN from PHOENIX, AZ

Both my wife and I while completing both courses absolutely loved Tiffany and how she prepared us prior, in water and post dive. Tiffany created a relaxed and confident environment to learn and succeed in. From both of us Thank-You Tiffany. - JONATHAN from CANADA T482V4,

Had a great time!! Some people get certified in a weekend, we did it over 6 months and still the teachers were kind, patient, and willing to work with our schedules! - AARON from PHOENIX, AZ

Based on the previous reviews, I had high hopes going into the first class and I was even more pleased with the experience than I expected to be! Tim and Tiffany were great - so patient and willing to answer any question, basic or abstract. Great people, great program, and great experience. Thank you! - SARA from PHOENIX, AZ

The one on one and group styles of teaching, along with the overall commitment the staff has to the safety of each individual shows how good this scuba school really is. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take a scuba class. - SUSANNE from PHOENIX, AZ

I would absolutely recommend the Academy of Scuba to anyone. Gary was an exceptional teacher who made our experience both fun and easy to learn. - JAMES from PHOENIX, AZ

I thought the entire staff at Academy of Scuba was excellent. Everyone in the school is very knowledgeable, very helpful and very thorough. The overriding emphasis on safety really helps beginners gain confidence and feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Coupled with the dive shop (equally knowledgeable staff), I would unequivocally recommend the Academy of Scuba for dive training and for buying equipment. Thanks John & Jeff for making this such a positive experience! - WALTER from LAVEEN, AZ

Tiffany did a great job with my night diver checkout. - ROBERT from MESA, AZ

I visited other dive shops in the valley and not one could compete with the Academy of Scuba. Mark, Frank and John (JOB) made the training experience truly incredible. Jeff, Peggy and Garry were a wealth of knowledge on helping me select my equipment. All the staff at Academy of Scuba has exceeded my expectations and have made me feel part of the diving family. You are truly the best, thank you. - JEFFREY from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

I looked forward more and more to each class at Academy of Scuba. I enjoyed the Dive Masters company and knowledge of the subject, and by the end of my first course, felt bonded to them. They were very patient with me, with every aspect, and made sure that I was comfortable with what I was doing before letting me move on. I plan on taking many more classes at Academy of Scuba, and am so excited about the thought of it. -Jenny Robson - JENNY from MESA, AZ

John and Garry are awesome if you don't get it they work until you do. Their professional and freindly atitudes make you feel like family. I can not wait to continue our journey with them. - DARRELL from MESA, AZ

Thanks for a great class! - SHEILA from PHOENIX, AZ

The instructors were great. Great experience overall. Thanks John, Garry, and John! - DOUGLAS from SAN FRANCISCO, CA

The Staff, John and Jack, were incredibly helpful from the first exploratory phase, all the way through the open water certification. I especially appreciated Jack's ability to take his time and allow us to learn thoroughly. - MATTHEW from PHOENIX, AZ

The experience of training with John as my instructor was EPIC! - JONATHAN from MENOMONEE FALLS, WI

The instructors are great. You can tell that your success and safety is important to them. - WES from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Gary Coley went above and beyond our expectations. Very Professional! Very patient with our beginner skills and took extra time with us. - KELLY from PHOENIX, AZ

Very experienced instructors made learning fun and easy. - ADRIENNE from SURPRISE, AZ

The classes were not difficult and all the instructors were friendly. Gary helped me relax in the water. I would definitely recommend you or any person to go get certified. - DAVID from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Getting my certification with the Academy of Scuba was convenient, informative and most of all fun. - KACI from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Tim was great. I was terifed and he was very patient and worked with me until I felt comfortable. - MACKENZIE from PHOENIX, AZ

You have the best instructors! - BRENDA from GLENDALE, AZ

Instructors are great. - AMY from PHOENIX, AZ

I had so much fun. Thank you soooo much! - TANNER from PHOENIX, AZ

Gary and John were very accommodating of our schedule, knowledgable, and professional. We could not be happer with their training. - ABRAM from SCOTTSDALE, AZ

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