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Open Water (Beginner) Diver
Start your diving adventure with Academy of Scuba's beginner course.

Advanced Open Water Diver
You’ve taken your Open Water Scuba Diver course and now you’re ready to expand your knowledge.

Rescue Diver
The Rescue Diver Course is designed to develop your knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform diver rescues and assist and administer necessary first aid.

Master Diver Program
The Master Scuba Diver Development Program is an earned certification and the highest non professional level of certification.

Altitude Diver Specialty Course
If you dive at altitude or are planning to, the Altitude Diver course is a must for you. Let an Academy of Scuba Instructor teach you the proper techniques and differences of diving at altitude.

Boat Diver Specialty Course
The Boat Diver course will introduce you to some different types of boat diving and the skills needed to plan and conduct a boat dive with maximum safety.

Computer Diver Specialty Course
The Computer Diver course is for divers how have not yet used a dive computer or for divers that want to learn a little more about the computer they are using.

Debris Removal Diver Specialty Course
Everyone can play a role in improving the condition of our oceans and lakes. The Debris Removal Diver course teaches divers how to identify the problems caused by debris in underwater environments and what we can do to fix these problems.

Deep Diver Specialty Course
Many interesting sights lie just beyond 60ft such as beautiful wall dives, ship wrecks, and critters that don’t come into the shallows.

Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Course
For those divers wishing to go a little farther or a little faster, then the Diver Propulsion Vehicle specialty (DPV) is the perfect course.

Drift Diver Specialty Course
Whether you’re planning on drifting down a wall or shooting through a passage, the Drift Diver course will teach the proper techniques.

Drysuit Specialty Course
Many of the waters around the world are better dove in a drysuit. These waters have an abundance of marine life waiting to be seen and photographed, drysuits are also being used in tropical waters during the cooler months.

Equipment Specialist Course
There are many things that you as a diver can do to maintain your equipment and the Equipment Specialty course is just the place to learn how to do that maintenance.

Full Face Mask Specialty Course
Divers often have a need or want to effectively communicate underwater. The Full Face Mask Diver course is the perfect starting point. Full face masks are also often used in waters with low visibility that may be contaminated or, in waters that are colder, the full face mask will protect you from the elements.

Kayak Diver Specialty Course
Kayak diving is a type of recreational diving where the divers paddle to a diving site in a kayak carrying all their gear to the site they want to dive. Learn the proper techniques for scuba diving off a kayak. Don't miss this exciting new adventure.

Multilevel Diver Specialty Course
Since there's so much to see underwater you'll want to make the most of your stay. The PADI Multilevel Diver Specialty course tells you how by introducing you to the many varieties of multilevel diving.

Night Diver Specialty Course
Many divers find that night diving is their favorite type of diving. As with all specialty diving applications, procedures are different than those associated with Open Water Diving.

Nitrox Diver Specialty Course
Nitrox as a breathing gas has a lot of benefits for both new and experienced divers. The course will cover the use of Nitrox mixtures from 22 to 40 percent oxygen.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course
Take the Peak Performance Buoyancy control course and make diving even more effortless and truly enjoy the freedom from gravity.

Scuba Refresher Course
The open water is calling you back! If it's been awhile since your last dive, and you're feeling a bit rusty or insecure, try our Scuba Refresher Course to get your confidence back up and feeling comfortable with all the equipment and skills. It only takes a few hours, and you'll feel that much better when it's time to head back out to the open water!

Search and Recovery Specialty Course
Have you ever dropped something in the water? Are you looking for lost "treasure"? The Search and Recovery Diver Specialty course will teach you effective ways to find objects underwater and bring them to the surface.

Self Reliant Diver Specialty Course
One of the most popular courses, the self reliant diver program, teaches experienced recreational divers how to safely dive independently of a dive buddy or strengthen your buddy team skills. The course stresses proper dive planning, personal limitations, accident prevention, as well as the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving solo.  You will also learn the additional equipment that is required for solo diving including its proper usage and assembly. This is the perfect course for underwater photography and underwater video divers.

Shore/Beach Specialty Course
The Shore and Beach Diver course will teach you the proper techniques for entries and exits, navigation, avoiding currents, and planning of safe shore dives.

Sidemount Diver Specialty Course
Find a new and different way to configure your cylinders with the Sidemount Diver course. Because you are able to move the cylinder from your back to your side, it instantly takes the pressure off of your back and gives you more flexibility to move and enjoy your dive.

Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Workshop
Surface marker buoys serve a range of purposes that include marking boundaries for mapping or search and recovery, alerting boat traffic to the presence of divers, or providing a line as a visual reference for ascending divers. The primary goal of this course is to teach divers the proper techniques and protocols for using SMBs in the local area.

Underwater Communications Specialty Course
How many times have you missed seeing something or surfaced early because you could not communicate with your buddy? Whether you need to show your buddy something fun or let your buddy know about a possible or actual problem, the Underwater Communications Specialty is a quick, effective, and inexpensive tool for communicating underwater.

Underwater Hunter Specialty Course
The Underwater Hunter and Collector course will teach you the proper techniques for collection and hunting of certain species of marine life.

Underwater Navigation Specialty Course
The Underwater Navigation Diver course will teach you the necessary skills to navigate using a compass and natural navigation.

Underwater Photography Specialty Course
The Underwater Photography course allows you to experience some of the special considerations of underwater photography.

Underwater Video Specialty Course
The Underwater Video course makes it possible for you to save your underwater experiences and share them with others.

Visual Inspection Procedures Course
During the Visual Inspection Procedures course you will learn to promote safety in the care and maintenance of high pressure Scuba cylinders by way of your Instructor and a comprehensive Visual Inspection Procedures manual.

Wreck Diver Specialty Course
Wreck diving can be one of the most exciting aspects of sport diving and can uncover pieces of history seen by few others. However every effort must be made to maximize safe diving techniques.

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